Special Occasion



Style Per Minute


Artistic Braiding





Basic Makeup (Includes Foundation, eyes and lips)


Basic Makeup with Contour


Basic Makeup with Contour and Lashes (Includes Strip-Lashes)


Strip Lashes (including application)







***All prices are subject to change.  These are starting prices and can fluctuate depending on the amount of hair, condition of the hair and the look your are wanting to achieve. Please note that all artists are independent and have different rates.  Every hair artist is unique in their talents and have varying levels of experience.  

NO SHOW POLICY:  Due to limited time with our stylists we request a 24 hour notification for any cancellation or reschedule.  If we do not receive a notification, we require 50% of the service scheduled prior to your next booking.  Although some instances are unforeseen, we request a phone call in a timely manner to schedule other guests. 

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